Mar 31, 2023
WWE Hall of Fame 2023 Results

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Stacy Keibler (Inductors Mick Foley and Torrie Wilson):

We come back and Graves introduces WWE Hall of Famers Torrie Wilson and Mick Foley. Out they come to induct Keibler into the Hall. Foley is honored to be here. Fans chant “Foley!” but he says tonight is not about him, it’s about Keibler. Foley says he’s also wondering what the hell he’s doing out here inducting Keibler, but she sent him a message weeks ago and he said yes when she asked him to help Torrie induct. Foley says Stacy is one of the kindest people he’s ever met. Foley goes on about how Stacy and Torrie were pillars of WWE, and amazing Ambassadors for the company. Foley goes on about some of his memories and what it means to help induct Stacy. He then introduces Torrie to a pop. She says she will do her best not to cry but she loves Stacy so much. She recalls meeting a 19 year old Stacy the night she became a WCW Nitro Girl, calling her complete perfection. She also recalls the first day they learned to take a bump, and how Stacy embraced what it takes to make it – tenacity, and so on. She says Stacy’s presence created a new era for women in WWE. Torrie goes on and says she was grateful Stacy inducted her, now she gets to return the favor. She goes on praising Stacy and then introduces her friend.

Kid Rock’s “Legs” plays as Keibler makes her way out. Stacy says it’s great to be home. She’s so thankful for everyone who has been a part of her WWE journey, especially the greatest fans in the world. She goes on about the fans and says WWE gave her the stage, while the fans gave her the confidence to entertain them. She praises the fans some more and calls them the magic of the show. She shows us a photo from a WCW Nitro episode where she was holding a sign for WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart. She also shows us a photo of her wearing a Wolfpac nWo t-shirt in the crowd. She never thought she’d make it here. She talks about the importance of the Hall of Fame, and how she always tried to show grit and grace in WWE, which is part of what she teaches her kids.

Stacy says she is humbled and proud to be inducted into this group. She recalls training under her first teacher, WWE Hall of Famer Alundra Blayze. She thanks several WWE Hall of Famers and Legends from her journey – the women who came up with her (Trish Stratus, Lita, Molly Holly, Ivory, Jacqueline, Jazz, Victoria, Gail Kim), to Fit Finlay for trying his best to teach this dancer to wrestle, to The Dudley Boys for being great teachers, Shane Helms and Torrie, who is the Thelma to her Louise, the Lavern to her Shirley. She was a big Torrie fan to begin with and that only grew from the moment they met. She goes on about how she and Torrie were friends, rivals, roommates and everything else. She learned a lot from Torrie, and their friendship is what happens when women empower and lift herself up. She thanks Torrie, then thanks Torrie and Foley for showing up for her tonight as two of the nicest people she knows. Stacy thanks her husband Jared, her three children, her #1 fans mom and dad. Stacy talks about all the love she’s received this week, and thanks fans for sticking with her from day one. She says fans are the heartbeat of WWE. She goes on about her dreams and thanks everyone for making her dreams come true. She accepts this incredible honor on behalf of the amazing WWE fans around the world. Keibler blows a kiss and waves to everyone to end her speech. “Legs” starts back up as we go to a break.


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